Dignity for All Students Act (DASA)

The Genesee Community Charter School is committed to fostering and maintaining an environment free of all types of fear and intimidation. Based on our core belief that individuals are entitled to be treated with dignity and respect, it is the policy of the Genesee Community Charter School to prohibit any conduct that constitutes a climate in which individuals feel fear and/or intimidation.

Throughout New York State, schools have been asked to implement a law called the Dignity for All Students Act. The goal of the Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) is to ensure that schools create a safe and supportive school climate in which students can learn and focus on learning, rather than fear being harassed, bullied, intimidated, or discriminated against. The GCCS Caring Community Plan  outlines what is expected of community members in order to have a safe and caring school community.  At GCCS it is very important that each student  treat others at the school, including students, teachers, staff, and parents, with consideration and respect.

Despite our best efforts, there may be times when students, parents, and community members need additional assistance to respond to harassment, intimidation, or bullying,. GCCS has developed a reporting process for these occurrences. In addition, we have established a Dignity Act Coordinator who is responsible for collecting and responding to reports concerning issues of harassment, intimidation, or bullying.

DASA Coordinator

Lisa O’Malley, Curriculum Specialist, Email: LOMalley@gccschool.org

In addition the following staff members have also been DASA trained:

Shannon Hillman, School Leader, Email: SHillman@gccschool.org

Lauren Grimm, Social Worker, Email: LGrimm@gccschool.org

Jeremiah Ditch, Classroom Teacher, Email: JDitch@gccschool.org

Reporting Process

To report an issue of harassment, intimidation, or bullying, please fill out the reporting form and submit it to the DASA Coordinator. Once the form is received, the incident  will be investigated.  Appropriate actions will follow based on the investigation and school policy.

View Dignity Act Brochure

DASA Reporting Form