School Safety

The Genesee Community Charter School and our entire RMSC campus strive to provide a safe learning environment so that our students can thrive physically, socially, emotionally, and academically.  Our efforts ensure that children are safe from harm, form healthy relationships, develop positive self-confidence, and are free to learn and grow.  We have established many policies and procedures to protect our students and to help them interact with others in friendly and collaborative ways.

Socio-Emotional Safety

GCCS fosters close and caring relationships among students and the adults who work with them. The school is a place in which students feel cared about and are encouraged to care about each other.  Our students are valued and respected, and they matter to one another and to the teacher.  Our Caring Community Plan describes our approach to developing strong, positive classroom culture and address discipline issues.  Adults and students continually work toward developing a sense of community where students feel safe by consistently being encouraged to reflect on their actions, express opinions, and work cooperatively toward solutions.

We celebrate our diverse student population and ensure that our students are learning how to navigate our global community with respect and understanding.  Diverse schools have been demonstrated to prevent bias, contradict stereotypes, and reduce prejudice.  GCCS nurtures students’ appreciation of their classmates’ backgrounds, helps students develop a sense of social justice, and equips students to live and work with those who are different from them.

For more information about our Community Culture, please click here.

Physical Safety

We take great care to keep our school a physically safe space.  The GCCS school building is locked at all times and equipped with doorway video monitors.  Visitors to the school must buzz in to be admitted to the building.  RMSC Campus Security patrols regularly and is on call to respond to emergencies.

Our Emergency Response Plan identifies potential hazards, outlines steps to reduce risk, and sets forth actions to be taken in the event of an emergency situation.  The School regularly performs drills to practice for emergency situations and has several safety committees with community representation to plan for these potential situations.

GCCS maintains a zero-tolerance policy regarding aggressive physical contact between children.  Although GCCS understands that children are learning coping strategies to handle anger and frustration as well as appropriate ways to play, the School takes every act of physical aggression seriously.  Hitting, scratching, pushing, kicking, and other physically harmful behaviors are strictly forbidden and are cause for immediate school leadership involvement and potentially suspension.

Teasing, name-calling, and bullying are also grounds for removal from school or suspension at the School Leader’s discretion.  Our school houses a DASA (Dignity for All Students Act) Coordinator who is involved in bullying cases to investigate the situation.  We understand that occasional incidents may occur, but we maintain zero tolerance for patterns of targeted misuse of power and/or extreme cases.

Every discipline situation offers opportunity for growth.  Upon an incident of physical contact or bullying, students will spend time reflecting on the “broken” relationship and consider ways to repair the situation.