Snow/Cold Day Alert!

Rochester had quite a January with temperatures in extreme highs and lows!  The Arctic Blast cost GCCS both of its’ allotted snow days for the year.  Additionally, there was an extreme wind day where GCCS needed to close.  This means that GCCS will have to make up one day so far this school year.  Therefore, GCCS will be in session on Friday, May 24th from 8:00 – 11:30 a.m. for students.  Since this is an unexpected event, GCCS will be providing transportation for RCSD students even though the district is not in session that day.  Families who reside in suburban districts should check with their district calendar and transportation to determine if bussing will be provided.

If there are more days off due to inclement weather, they will have to be made up before the school year is over.  Additionally, if RCSD is closed due to cold temperatures again, there is a chance GCCS may stay open to prevent additional make-up days.  Stay tuned and fingers crossed for warmer weather ahead!